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Refinancing is when you change your home loan from current provider to new provider. It lets you choose new loan products and new rates to suit your new circumstances.

There are many reduced rates options available in the market all the time. Most people choose to refinance their loans to benefit from the reduced rates which lower their repayments. They can then use these additional cash flow to pay off their mortgage faster or invest in their lifestyle. Refinancing can also help them obtain a shorter-term loan. If you choose to start 30-year loan period again then you would pay more in the interest in longer term but you can get benefited from increased cash flow as it will reduce your monthly repayments. Some people refinance their loans to consolidate their debts or get equity out for various purposes including but not limited to buying a new property, renovating their existing home, buying a car or going for holiday etc.

Ozrefinance is currently helping customer in refinancing their existing loans. However, we are fully qualified and licenced to help you in new purchase as well. Feel free to get in touch with us if you are looking for a home loan to purchase new property.

We are fully qualified and licenced mortgage broker, and authorised credit representative. Please feel free to see our credit guide for more information about us and our licencing from privacy policy and terms of us or feel free to ask us for a copy.


Ozrefinance is about giving you the money when you refinance with us. There is no out of pocket difference to you whether you process your loan through Ozrefinance or directly with the banks. We do not charge any fees to customers. It’s same loan, same features with more cash back to you. The only time we would ever ask you for money is if you needed to pay out your loan in less than 24 months, and the bank requested a return of the commission from us. In other words, if you’re planning on paying back your loan in less than two years, then you might not want to take advantage of this deal. However, if you want to change your mortgage after two years, we can help you all over again!

Yes, absolutely!

We are a full-service mortgage broker business. We are fully licenced and accredited with various banks, which means we do everything a standard mortgage broker would do and in addition we are giving you cash backs on your home loan. We’ll help you find the most suitable deals on the market and will do all the paperwork for you and be with you throughout your application with a great customer service.

Your cash back is based on your loan amount. Please use our cashback calculator to calculate your cash back amount or feel free to contact us to find out. We will always give you written quote about your cash back that you will receive from Ozrefinance and once you confirm in writing, we will proceed with your application.

There is substantial amount of time and resources required from us to process your loan. It is therefore required to have minimum loan amount of $300K in order to be eligible for cash back from Ozrefinance.

Most mortgage brokers would pay referral commission to their referral partners such as accountants, real estate agents and many more. They may pay big amount to them. Rather than sharing big portion of our commission with them, we decided it was about the time that you started earning back on your home loan. We firmly believe customers should be rewarded more for their home loan, after all it is their home loan and they should receive more benefits.

Yes, of course!

You will still be able to receive all the cash back and refinance and any other offers that banks are offering to their eligible customers.

Ozrefinace cash back is in addition to what banks are offering.

Once your loan is settled, you will need to send us an email with your nominated bank account details and we will pay you into that account.

We will pay to within 6 to 8 weeks of us receiving your email after your loan is settled.

Process is very simple.

Step 1 is all about you and your objectives.

Step 2 is about us doing research and giving you options.

Step 3 is for you to choose most suitable option for you circumstances to settle your loan and start saving.

Get in touch with us through “book your appointment” form or sending us an email or calling us.

We will be with you at every step of the process until your loan is settled and we are always available to help with any queries on your loan even after your loan is settled.

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